The Cost of Rewiring an old house

old house

Do you know what’s the secret of everlasting old houses? It’s the electrical wiring. Many home appliances will come and go, many styles would fade over time but what keeps you home in a good condition despite any devices or gadgets, is the wiring. If you keep your electrical wiring in good condition, your house would be strong enough to deal with any season or any occasion. Stay tuned with the post if you want to grasp some knowledge of Electric Works London.

But how do you maintain your wiring? Doesn’t that strike your head? The simple answer is, maintaining wire is relatively a simple task and doesn’t need any technical skills for that. The first thing you should keep in your mind is to replace any outdated or damaged wiring from your home. They are very dangerous as well! You must add new wires to your home. This has 2 benefits. First, it will give you extra safety and secondly, it can take the electricity loads in modern times.

Now that you know the benefits of rewiring your house, do you have any idea about how much will it cost? The cost depends upon which and how much do you need to replace. Does your entire house needs it or just simple updates would do the same thing! Don’t worry, in this post, we have to cover up all your doubts. Let’s start with it!

Factors affecting the cost of rewiring an old house

When it’s about your old house, you must be panicking as per the cost of rewiring an entire house. It does involve a lot of money as your entire house is included. The actual fact is, the cost depends upon a lot of things and aspects.

  • It depends upon the age of your house plus the size.
  • If access to the wiring is easy or difficult.
  • The types of materials being used.
  • Calculating the overall cost- are you only interested in replacing the wires or you want to update your outlets or want to do some light fixtures. All these things will decide the cost of rewiring.
  • The amount of labor involved in this project.
  • If the walls have to be opened for the task.
  • The needs of your electrical wirings- if you want some wires to be added or you want to change it altogether.

Considering all these factors, the cost of your rewiring will be fixed. Here’s a small guide on the cost of rewiring. If your house is small, it would be between $1,500 to $3,000, again depending upon your electrical needs. If the size of your home is moderate, and the emergency electrician London don’t have difficulties in operating the wiring systems, then the cost would be somewhere between $3,500 to $8,000, all these prices actually depend upon the materials used and the amount of labor involved in the process.

But if your home is pretty large, you can expect the amount to go up as high as $8,500- $20,000. It may exceed up to $30,000 if the electrician finds it hard to access the wires. All this money is just for the hard work that electrician puts in order to make your home more secure and better than before.

Apart from the size of your house, which plays an important role when it comes to deciding the prices for rewiring, you are actually paying money for the materials and labor. So what is it you are paying for the materials?

  • The price of the copper wire starts from $400 and it can be pricey as $3,000. You can go for the pricey one if you need extensive upgrades.
  • At times of up-gradation of the service panel, the price could reach $800 and $3,000.
  • If you decide on replacing other devices as well as outlets or switches, it might cost you somewhere between $65 to $120 per device.

As per the rate, different electricians can give you different quotes. So it’s better to talk to every electrician London possible. Before you start proceeding with your talk, make sure you know that the electrician is licensed. Since you don’t want to hire someone who is completely new to this platform and knows nothing about it.  You also have the right to ask about their previous accomplishments and testimonials.