How Video Games Can Train Your Brain to Be More Creative and Productive

You can finally tell your parents that playing video games is not bad as they think it is, and the fact that there are plenty of games that can spark your inner creativity and boost your productivity.

As per scientific research, it has been established that specific types of games can effectively foster an overwhelming feeling of creative freedom.

As per a scientific experiment, which was also posted in the Creativity Research Journal, scientists evaluated more than 350 people. They had them play an overwhelmingly popular game called Minecraft. They could play the game by reading the instructions first or not reading them at all. And compared their gameplay as opposed to watching television or their favorite TV show, and playing a car racing video game.

After playing Minecraft for forty minutes or watching TV for the same amount of time, the participants were asked to complete different types of creative tasks. To gauge how creative they have potentially become, scientists asked participants to draw a non-human figure or a creature that did not resemble humans in any way. They were scored based on the type of creature they drew. Participants who sketched a creature that had some semblance to humankind scored less than the others.

The experiment concluded that participants who played Minecraft, a game that is designed to enable players to create anything they can use their imagination by exploring different worlds – without any instructions scored higher on creativity. Those who played Minecraft and were instructed to be as creative as they could scoreless and were less creative.

How you can be more productive and creative by playing video games

Playing games can help you positively expend all your energy

Experts believe that you should not take breaks from doing something that physically or mentally stressful, no matter how hard the challenge is. This is backed by scientific reasoning that suggests that people who put in all their energy and efforts in performing a difficult task or accomplishing a challenge are able to feel more energetic in the face of completing that particular challenge.

So, if you are stuck on doing something at work, it is always better to start playing a video game to boost your creative muscles. Just test it out, play a challenging game while you are under some stress, and you will instantly start feeling more energetic. The reason why this is true is the fact that your brain will start to release a feel-good chemical known as dopamine. Dopamine is a powerful chemical that is triggered when the reward pathways of your brain are more stimulated. This, in turn, helps you feel more motivated to accomplish any difficult task, and you end up having more willpower to do so.

Playing video games can also prime your brain

The sheer excitement and pleasure that you experience after completing a challenging level in your favorite video game is the rush of dopamine that your brain releases. It is the same feeling when you are munching on your favorite chocolate, and you can’t stop. Your brain releases dopamine when it feels that you have done something rewarding. Just trying playing some challenging games on unlimited Gamez mo, and you will soon not be able to stop yourself from playing more games after quickly completing one.

This is the same feeling that drives you to push on and keep on playing and progressing in the video game. That is also why it is so difficult to save your progress at a critical stage and turn off the console. 

It is essential to understand that you can truly harness this feeling of reward and pleasure and implement it in something challenging that you do every day at work. There is nothing stronger dopamine that can motivate you to perform at your best, driving your work ethics.

For a lot of people, they have to do something challenging to keep on feeling this natural rush and high, something to keep their brains primed and ready to get things done faster and with more effectiveness. Playing video games can help you do that.

Playing video games can help you become a leader and propel you to achieving your milestones

Some of the most vital components of playing video or online games are consist of the same things you need in your life to become a goal-achiever and a leader. There are so many things that you can learn from playing video games such as when you start recruiting team members to form a task force, or when you look for skill boosts and power-ups to get more agile and stronger to willfully confront your enemies and stand firm at the face adversity. These are all qualities that can help you in real life, for example, recruiting competent people to work with as an employer.

This is also something that is known as having a “gamer mindset.” As a manager, business leader or an employer or anything else, you will always need to recruit the best allies to stand with you. Moreover, you are also going to have to understand where you can gather your resources, confront complications, rise above them, and make your team stronger.

Bottom Line

There is no question that video games can stimulate and drive a variety of different human emotions. And thanks to science and research, there is evidence that playing video games will provide people with a lot of residual advantages. More specifically, they will help you become more creative, not just while you are playing the game, but in your life as well.

Creativity is a skill that isn’t just presented in the way you paint, produce music, draw, or writing a story. You can present your creativity in a slew of real-life events such as your work and all that it takes to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

So if you’re manager catches you playing your favorite video game, like Candy Crush or World of Warcraft, you can show him/her the research and tell him this will help boost your productivity and creativity – a win-win for both!

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