Get the Cheapest Wheelbarrow for Home Use under the Budget

Cheapest Wheelbarrow

Gardening is an exciting activity as it gives you an opportunity away from your regular daily work. It also requires some necessary tools and equipment to make your job easier and enjoyable. A vital garden keeping tool is a wheelbarrow to carry trash and other gardening tools when working. However, most homeowners shy away from buying wheelbarrows in the belief that they are pricey. Unknown to them, some of the best wheelbarrow under $100 performs exceptionally well, just like the high-end ones. Especially if you have a small garden, such equipment can serve you for many years due to low wear and tear.

Types of wheelbarrows

After gardening for some time, you will feel the need for a wheelbarrow to perform some tasks efficiently. This equipment is used for some functions such as transporting other gardening tools and compost manure to the garden. It is also handy in disposing of trash and leaves after cleaning the compound and used during construction to move material, among many others. some of these tasks can be performed better by some types of wheelbarrows. But generally, most of them are dependable as long as you don’t overload them. For a gardener, a cheap brand does not mean a lower quality brand but maybe a smaller version of a high-quality one.

Generally, there are two types of wheelbarrows, depending on your gardening needs. There is the steel bucket type that is good for carrying heavier weights, such as moving bricks, bigger plants, and bulky manure. The disadvantage of this type is that it can rust if not kept away from moisture and that it can be heavier to work with even when not loaded. This wheelbarrow is stable and will last longer, also when mishandled. However, it is more expensive compared to other types.

The other option is the plastic bucket wheelbarrow that is much lighter than the steel one. This make is much affordable, but again may not last for long as it can break the bucket easily when loaded. It is not resistant to strong sunshine, and high temperature as the plastic will wear off. You can, however, comfortably use this wheelbarrow to carry garden debris, moving mulch, and seedling during planting. Due to its non-corrosive material, it is also suitable for mixing fertilizers and carrying cow dung.

How to choose a garden wheelbarrow

Some years back, wheelbarrows had very few options. Nowadays, there are some varieties to choose from your nearest garden supplies stores. We have already looked at different types of wheelbarrows about the material they are made from. Below we explore some of other more important features to look at when choosing one to buy.

Weight and cargo limit

When shopping for a wheelbarrow, it’s advisable to do an evaluation of the nature of work you intend to do with it. What are the kinds of loads you will be carrying, and what is the estimated weight per trip? With these details, you will be able to check against the manufacturer’s weight limits. The higher your estimates are, the sturdier and substantial model you need to buy. However, if the frequency of use is low, some lightweight models can still do.

Besides the cargo weight, also consider the volume of the expected load. You may require a wheelbarrow to carry light material or trash but in higher quantities at a go. Hence it won’t be necessary to buy a model that can take a small heavy load but cannot a sack of dry grass after mowing. Therefore, try and balance and make a priority between weight and volume.

garden wheelbarrow

Type of wheel and handles

When you mention the word wheelbarrow, most people will think of single-wheeled equipment with two handles. That’s the most natural look of wheelbarrows across many stores. With time, designers found a link between the efficiency of a wheelbarrow and the type of wheel and handles. Hence there are models with more than one wheel and some with one handle for better stability and movement.

Quality wheelbarrows should come with a medium-sized wheel about the size of the wheelbarrow for better stability. The wheel should also be made of pneumatic tires that are air like. These tires roll smoothly on the garden and on rough surfaces giving ease control without straining. The alternative is plastic wheels, which are cheaper but can break easily.

The type of handles affects the maneuvering through the garden. There are models with long or short, wooden, plastic, or metallic handles. Too short handles will make the wheelbarrow feel heavier. And too long handles will make the driving more difficult, especially when turning on corners and between plants. The additional handle features to look for include rubberized grips for carrying heavy loads and locking gear to detach handles when offloading.

In summary

A wheelbarrow is an essential tool when it comes to gardening. It saves you on work time and energy while enhancing efficiency. When buying one, take time to evaluate the nature of work to select the best. As a mechanical tool, it is subject to wear and tear at a rate that depends on the frequency of work and load capacity. Therefore, when taken care of, any wheelbarrow for the right tasks can last for long, and an expensive one can last for days if not well handled. Hence, don’t worry about the pricing to think that a cheaper wheelbarrow will not give you service. Remember, your needs are different from another gardener’s needs.