5 Frequently Asked Questions about Murumuru Butter

Murumuru butter, as much as the name sounds funny, you can expect equally incredible moisturizing benefits from this ingredient. The superfruit is extracted from the Murumuru palm tree of the Amazon rainforest. It is packed with vitamins and fatty acids. These are similar fatty acids that are found in human breast milk. The nourishing properties of murumuru butter are well proven.

The ingredient is ideal for many beauty products in the market today. However, not everyone is aware of every benefit it has to offer. People raised quite a lot of doubts, especially in the presence of other alternatives that do the same task for the skin and hair.

The first doubt about the origin of murumuru butter has already answered. Let’s start with the second one.

What does it look like? How to identify the authentic one?

Murumuru butter can look off-white, yellowish-white or pale brown. It is of creamy nature and is softer than any other butter you’ll come across. The authentic murumuru butter can be availed from some established online websites or a store near you.

What does it smell like?

The unrefined form of murumuru butter has an earthy scent. It’s somewhat in the range of shea butter and people can relate the smell of both. Although the origins are quite different. The nutty butter scent of the refined Murumuru butter is soothing to our nostrils. Whereas, the scent of the refined form of shea butter is not so amusing and it might bother you.

What are the areas in which Murumuru butter helps?

This question has a long list. It cannot be answered in just one line. So, let’s start with the benefits of Murumuru butter.

  1. Murumuru butter has a lot of value to soften, nourish, and protect the hair. Murumuru butter for hair is like the natural hydrating substance tailor-made for better appearance and longevity.
  2. It penetrates deep into your hair, repairing any damage from inside out. It has the property to lock in moisture to keep the hair strong and healthy.
  3. It adds a glossy look and finishes to your hair. It doesn’t have any extra weight either.
  4. Dealing with frizzy hair poses a lot of hassles. Murumuru butter is the one-stop for every damage repair and a shiny finish to your hair. You can also manage your hair more easily.
  5. Having so many benefits for the hair doesn’t mean it lacks behind for the skin. It’s a natural remedy for dry skin. Murumuru butter penetrates deep inside the skin and grants its benefits for the long term. All the necessary nutrients that provide protection from dryness, sun damage, and free radical damage are present in Murumuru butter in abundance.
  6. Any skin condition that you might suffer from, Murumuru butter has the healing process in its kit. It is especially great for people who are suffering from psoriasis and eczema. If you want to stop the irritation on the spot, it’s your best bet.
  7. Murumuru butter has high lauric content. Some of the other properties of Murumuru butter include antibacterial and antioxidant content to reduce acne.
  8. Murumuru butter has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties. The lauric acid content helps with acne-fighting. It’s the same acid you find in coconut oil, but here, it is more effective.

If you’re wondering about the quality of products in which this exotic ingredient is present, it’s not difficult to find authentic customer reviews. The product label has all the ingredients and online stores also provide with previous experience of their customers. You won’t find it challenging to find the best product with adequate murumuru butter as its ingredient.